5 ways your personality speaks

Have you ever wondered why, in a meeting or a conference, or even in a social gathering, you find yourself and the others around you, attracted or awed by this one person whose entire aura brings a gush of energy to the table, a charm so intimidating that you have no choice but to be drawn to them?

Here are my five personality enhancement tips to create an aura that your colleagues/friends find hard to resist .


It is a basic human tendency to feel a little intimidated by the view of several people watching you, and feeling nervous. But the same nervousness can be used effectively, if you convert it into an upright energy and confidence, smile more widely, show pure excitement! This simply reflects your personality in a very positive light, as a person who can turn tension into his/her own benefit.


“Well grooming is form of good manners”

What you personally feel about fashion and style will not be represented openly, but what you wear, surely will. A characteristic of a well-mannered, decent person is always reflected in way he/she dresses.

Whenever you meet a person, the first judgement of you is going to be based on how you dress, and it is definitely in your hands to shape how they perceive you! So go out there, dress to the occasion, and make an impact.


If you genuinely want to influence your audience, the first step is to know them. Research them; know their backgrounds, their education, and their fields of interest. You will be surprised how much effectiveness you can bring with the similarity you carry. This single-handedly can boost their morale and make them pay more attention to what you have to say!


According to what a lot of psychologists believe, a person who doesn’t shake your hand properly or lacks proper eye contact can give off a vibe of an unworthy associate.

So whenever you greet a person, look them straight in the eye, shake with the right hand, and smile genuinely. This subconsciously creates a connection with the other person which helps in building a long-term Trust.



Audience trust non-verbal communications above your speech content. 60% of all human communication is nonverbal body language, 30% is your tone. So that indicates 90% of what you’re saying isn’t coming out of your mouth – ALEX “HITCH” HITCHENS.

Here are the nonverbal cues one must pay attention to improve their present ability.


Your face is a clear reflection of your current emotional state. Keeping a genuine smile on your face can make you more approachable and trustworthy, but also smiling too much irrelevantly comes out as insincere and a form of cheap flattery. Keeping a warm eye contact also indicates a sincere interest in what the other person has to say.


Your posture is a simple translation of your inside intentions and thoughts. For example, having an open posture with your head raised, body aligned, feet pointing towards listener and shoulders angled at them shows your openness, interest and positive attitude.

And at the same time someone seated in closed position with arms crossed on chest, cross legs and looking somewhere else creates discomfort and shows a lack of interest and confidence.


Marinating a proper space with person you’re talking to is very crucial. Be careful not to stand too close to a person. Good friends usually stand between 45 cm to 120 cm, colleagues 120 cm to 350 cm. This may vary according to situation. When such distances are not considered, in any social setting, it can create a level of discomfort indicating lack of people sense.


The tone of voice you are delivering should be clear and easy to understand. It should be friendly and expressive. Natural tone gives a duplication of your personality. Using hands is a physical act of gesturing which helps the listener to form a clear picture of what you saying.

60% people see and learn which means you have to make visualization with your hands and voice modulation. A lot of people are clueless about their own misleading and negative non-verbal cues, but we can always consciously improve them by simply being aware of it. What you communicate through your personality non-verbally can determine how much influence and respect you can gain over your audience and the people around you in day to day life!