About me

Aishwarya Radhani, Director and a Certified Beauty Consultant at Oriflame.

My success ladder started as a consultant at a pretty age of 19 within a short span of 8 months to the level of Sr. Manager, next to the Director level at 22 only.

I have a burning fire in her heart to change people life by making them financially independent. I believe that every women become financially independent will contribute in the welfare of society.

My work includes conducting events with my fellow team mates and encourage women to step out of there bed of roses and help them to be financial independence. I have a vast client list that approach for personal consultation for skin care, personal care, cosmetics and wellness products. I also conduct workshops where I guide women to ‘HOW TO BECOME FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT..?”

Also to note I have been qualified for 7 national trips within 4 years of association with my work.

Last but not the least to add, I hail from Ahmedabad India, was a student of REUBS GIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL; graduated from NEW LJ COMMERCE COLLEGE along with an interior designing degree course from INIFD AHMEDABAD.